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8. Wil Johnson: A Kent actor's career from grassroots to National fame- 1st June 2017

Wil Johnson: A Kent actor's career from grassroots to National fame


Photography by Alison Lewis Photography. Copyright 2017


Wil Johnson: A Kent actor's career from grass roots to National fame.

From stage to the silver screen, Wil Johnson has a wealth of acting experience in creating gripping drama, having worked alongside some of Britain's most respected theatre, television and film actors.

He has tread the boards at The Royal Court Theatre, Tricycle Theatre, Royal Exchange in Manchester, National Theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe and many more.  

On the small screen, Wil has starred in celebrated shows such as Clocking Off, Waterloo Road, Holby City, Lewis and Emmerdale, as well as the international Emmy award winning drama series Waking the Dead, and his film repertoire includes ‘Adulthood’, ‘Anuvahood’, ‘Dead End’, ‘Macbeth’ and the 2011 Golden Globe and Oscar Winning Film ‘In a Better World’. Wil has also  recently been cast in season 3 of Outlander.

This one-hour event screened some of Wil’s most popular TV and theatrical roles, and charted how his career has blossomed. Wil gave audiences an insight into how he approaches developing characters for roles and also performed a live monologue before participating in a Q&A session.

Ages: 16+

Great insight! Incredibly eye-opening.
— Anon
I have never seen anything like it. Feel inspired and creatively challenged. More like this please.
— Anon