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By Likely Story Theatre and Kirsty Harris

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Where do all the children play? Where have all the playgrounds gone? 


Join the team of Almost Always Muddy in their Junk Yard playground of treasures and build them a place to tell their story. 


Almost Always Muddy is an immersive storytelling experience.


In the first part you are in a junkyard: pallets, tubes, ropes, nets, fabric. You are invited to use all the materials to build the places stories can happen. The Junkyard will morph into a magical place for adventure. 


In the second part, the Almost Always Muddy team of improvisers transform your creation into a theatrical storytelling Adventure, with live music, live making and special effects. 


Almost Always Muddy is the story of a Hero's Quest for courage, improvised by the Almost Always Muddy team and led by the world you have built and the suggestions you give. 


This an interactive piece so expect to get building and use your imagination.


Date: Friday 27th October, 2.30pm
Date: Saturday 28th October, 11.30am & 4pm
Date: Sunday 29th October, 11.30am

Price: Adults £7.00, Children £5.50
Ages: 5+
Running Time: 1hr 30

ALMOST ALWAYS MUDDY is supported by: 
Arts Council England, Wales Lab, Battersea Arts Centre, Likely Story.