Lyrici Arts

Festivals and community events


Festivals and Community Events

Diverse arts programmes for community audiences (BME and non BME)

Lyrici Arts works in partnership with local venues, organisations and authorities to address diversity inclusion via arts programming.

Our objectives cover festival and community activity which examines making art accessible for all. We work within the realms of tours, workshops, scratch events, homegrown talent, crafting activities, and more. Lyrici Arts are a partner in the Collaborative Touring Network, with a regional festival focus on Medway until 2019. The festival is called 'Paint The Town'.

A wide range of BME lyrical arts activities are also programmed into the community, including theatre shows, music and spoken word events, panel discussions, workshops and cultural events specific to BME holiday celebrations. All activity is underpinned in consultation and evaluation. 

Please browse our programmes below and get in touch with us if you would like to discuss our participation within a community project, cultural event, festival or wellbeing event.